A Lot of people will say………..
“If your company claim to make so much money, why should your company be interested in ₦2500 or 10,000 Registration Fee, why not make the membership registration to be free of charge, Here are our reasons for asking you to pay this token, for our membership
Reason #1
It’s a known fact that people DO NOT PLACE MUCH VALUE on the information they get free. Only unserious people look for freebies. Serious people look for Quality information or education and buy it at all cost.
Reason #2
A serious person who is willing to learn is NOT afraid of commitment or taking some risk to change his life. By we asking you to pay a token, We are asking you to make a small financial commitment that will hold you accountable for your success.
Reasons #3
Education is PRICELESS. Anyone who values education and transformation would be willing to pay for that education to be informed and be ahead of the masses. If you’re not willing to pay for education, you will be left behind in ignorance.
We paid a hefty price to be where we are today. Every year, We spend about 500k to buy marketing materials from mentors to upgrade our knowledge of our staff base, this alone make us to make more money and to stay ahead in the market having invested heavily to educate our team.
Reason #4
There’s a high rate of massive unemployment in Nigeria, by we asking very little in terms of financial commitment, we put it in the power of even the most financially challenged person who is willing to change their life to afford our membership fee.
Most importantly, we are doing a life saving services to humanity by helping in our own little way, with eradication of poverty and reduced that rate of crime and fraud courtesy of this financial empowerment membership program we are running.
Reason 5#
It’s bad/greed to have knowledge that will benefit others, and still keep it to yourself so that you can only enrich yourself. Fulfillment comes from giving even if it’s for a fee.
Reason 6#
If you are so skeptical about why we are charging for our membership Registration, then you should ask yourself
>Why is Dangote charging you for his Cement despite being the first richest African Man?
>Why is MTN or other telecommunication network Charge you a fee each time you make call from your phone?
>Why do you pay for the product you buy in the Market?
>Why do you pay Government School Fee?
If you can be paying for the above mention services on a daily basis, then we don’t see the reasons why you will be asking us the question in the very first place why we are asking you to pay for your membership registration fee.

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