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Payment Instruction:

Registration for our site is totally free. You are expected to pay for your Membership License fee of either 2500 for NAira Wealth Basic Membership Package or 10,000 for Naira Wealth Premium Package into any of the Bank Account detail you see on your  confirmation page when you submit your registration form.If you wish to pay online using your ATM card click Here Payment using your card is instant and we accept all Nigerian Card like Verve, Visa, Master Card, Inter-switch Pocket Moni, Voguepay.You get activated immediately after paying through your Card.With your Card, you can pay for Naira Wealth Membership anytime even in the midnight. To Pay through your card click Here.


Your Registration will be pending activation after you submit your registration form until you pay up your membership license fee that is if you choose to pay through bank deposit. You will have a  24 hours grace to activate your account by paying your membership registration fee of either 2500 for NAira Wealth Basic Membership Package or 10,000 for Naira Wealth Premium Package.

Unverified Users will be deleted automatically from our system after 24 hours. Please close these page now If you are not ready to make your payment for your account activation and come back latter when you know you will be able to pay for your activation fee after Registration.If you go ahead and apply without activating your account in within 24 hours of your registration, we will delete your account and you may not have the chance to apply again latter. We do not allow  free registration again on our platform do to large number of unverified account we have on our database. If you wish to join us for free and may be latter you upgrade your account to a paid membership, kindly register for a free account @ our E-learning platform by clicking HERE.

You equally need to have a valid invitation code and a username to be able to register for our program  your registration will not be acceptable without a valid username and invitation code. You can ask the person who introduce into our program to send to you his or her own invitation code and username. If you are not clear about these, call us on (+234) 08136367446.

If you are ready to Register then fill up the registration form below with your correct details and click on Next Step.

  • To register as Naira Wealth License member you need an Invitationcode from a Naira Wealth member with Full Membership status. Ask your Referral his or her Invitationcode.Entering any Invitationcode which is not recognize from our system will disqualify you from participating in our our program.

  • Specify the username of the person who refer you to our Website. Ask the person his or her username.Entering any username which is not recognize Naira Wealth Membership Database will disqualify you from participating in our our program.

  • e.g Male

  • e.g Lawyer

  • Please Indicate the Membership Account you want to open. We have 2 type of an account you can run with us. Naira Wealth Basic Membership Package and Naira Wealth Premium Package.
    If you want to register for free membership or as a Guest who want to buy just a single course of study from us please register a free Account on our E-learng platform by visiting because we won't activate your account if you are registering as a free member or as a guest. Call us on 08136367446 for more clarification.

  • Type your Membership registration fee Amount you want to Pay example: N2500 or N10,000

  • If you are registering as a Naira Wealth Premium Member, specify your store name here e.g

  • Do you have more information or suggestion you want to pass to us? kindly indicate it here if non-skip it

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