Premium Courses Available under our Platform

Below are the List of our top free & Premium Training courses available for you when you register
1.Introduction To Online Business in Nigeria.
(These training course gives you the foundation, help and make you understand internet business proper)
2.Recharge Card Printing/Production Course
(These training course will give all the information and help that will teach you how to start Recharge card printing and production business in Nigeria)
3.WordPress Google Adsense Development Kit
(These training course will help you to build any kind of website and make full time income building website for people.You will equally learn how to partner with Google and make hundred to thousand of $ through Google Adsense Program)
4.Mastering Ebook Design
(These training guide will help you to lunch your first information marketing products within some few hours)
5.Master in Online Business Importation Guide
(These training/guide will help you to start your own very importation business in Nigeria in a Ground style, you will learn how to import goods at a very cheap price and resell it here in Nigeria at a higher cost)
6.How to Build and Start Affiliate Niche Store
(These is a training course that works you step by step guide on how to partner with Top e-commerce store in Nigeria and make huge side income by creating a Niche Affiliate store base website)
7.Mobile Cash Code Business
(These is a training course that will help you to start Digital Subscription and Recharge Card printing business in Nigeria using nothing by your Mobile phone as your trading tools)

8.Information Marketing Business Course
(These is a training course that will that will teach you how to start and grow and information base business empire and make some thousand of sales rendering info-product to a buying audience.)
9.Web Mastering&Consulting Course for Nigeria
(These is a training course that will you into a full fledged developer where you build different kind of website like School, cooperate, company or Personal website and make nothing less than N10,000 in less than 3 weeks)
10.Premium Video Training Courses
We have created and uploaded series of video work through training practical guide on how to create different kind of internet base business which you can download or watch live from our website. These video guide alone worth some $$$ but you will watch/download it free of charge without paying a Dim as a premium member.

We keep adding new training class and more training materials every month and we keep updating the ones we have added to make sure you stay ahead of others on your choosing area of specialization.
You can view more courses and training material by clicking HERE.
Additionally, you can create a Bulk SMS Account for yourself immediately when you register @ where you can buy and Send SMS at N1.8 per unit to advertise your Invitation Code and Username or for other business campaign.
Take note that We are not the type of online business program here in Nigeria that promise what we cannot offer. All the materials and training we offer to our registered members are refined tested and proven online money making business training materials which we have use in building multiple source of income on the internet. If you check out our Blog and Tutorial section, you will discover that we are hear to show you exactly what the guru have hidden away from you for a very long time. Our Program enable you to start making money immediately in any part you are in Nigeria. You can start making money from day one of your registration through our powerful referrer program. No geographical restriction, No higher Qualification is required, No computer or internet experience require, you can do these business either on a part time or full time base. You can can communicate to us daily through phone calls, email and forum. The sooner you apply for Naira Wealth Membership License Program, the more money you stand to make. This is a proven and tested Nigerian make money online business program that can make any willing Nigerian become rich beyond your widest imagination and the requirement to get started is not much compare to the huge benefits you will get. A lot of Nigerians find it very difficult to Make Money through the Internet right here in Nigeria as a result of various Limitations impose by foreign programs. Naira Wealth is here to take away all those Limitations and to help each of our registered members to start making money online on a Daily, Weekly and Monthly basis straight into their Nigerian Bank Account. You don't need to keep applying for Job every day or going from one company to another in search of a Job while you can do thing different

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