Pay Online For Your Naira Wealth Membership Using Your Verve, Visa, Master Card

You can now pay for your Naira Wealth Membership License Fee Online using Your Verve, Visa, Master Card,Etrancet, Pocket Moni or Vougepay Account . Our online payment processor partner is Vougepay and they are the most trusted online payment processor here in Nigeria. Every Transaction is done using encryption Technology meaning that your card details is not disclose to any third party. You should also note here that Voguepay Payment Processor is protected and Verified By Visa(VbV), Master Card and Inter-switch- including Visa Password-Protected Identity Checking Service and requires that your card must be enrolled to participate  in the VbV program.


If your Visa Card issued by Nigerian Banks is not enrolled,kindly follow the steps outlined below

1. Locate any nearest VISA/VPAY enabled ATM
2. Insert your card and punch in your pin
3. Select the pin change option
4. select Internet PIN (i-PIN) change option
5. Insert any four-six digits of your choice as your i-pin
6. Re-enter the digits entered in step 5
7. If you have done the above correctly,  a message is displayed that your PIN was changed successfully. This means your card is now enrolled in the VbV program   and you have an internet PIN (i-PIN) which can be use for any internet related transactions.
8. Note that the word ‘iPIN’, ‘Password’ and ‘VbV code’ are the same
9. You can now visit your favourite VbV enabled site to pay online securely

Please note that this is only for internet related transactions and it does not change your regular PIN used on ATM and POS.

User Using the Internet explorer browser should uncheck support for Use SSL2.0 by following the steps below:
1.    Click on Tool option on the menu bar
2.    Select Internet Options
3.     Click Advance tab
4.    Scroll down to Security option and uncheck Use SSL.


You can now pay for your  Naira Wealth Membership Fee  using any of Nigerian Issued Credit Cards(Verve, Visa, Master Card or pocket Moni) without leaving your room.

With these options, you can make payment for your Naira Wealth Activation fee even in the midnight and you get your account activated immediately after successful payment.

Note that a services fee charge of N100  is being charge by the payment processor to facilitate the payment.


  1. Fund your Bank Account either Saving or Current Account with sum money let say N3000 to N12000.
  2. Get your Card Ready be it Verve, Visa, Master Card
  3. Click on Make Payment below as seen on the screen short below4. You will be redirected immediately to Voguepay Secure Payment Processor Gateway where you are expected to choose your payment option from the list of available payment options as shown on the screen short below. 

  5. The Voguepay Name is the Company that process our Payment. The E-Network Business Solutions is our Company Name. You can see from the pix above that the amount is N100, these amount is just a demo Amount. The real amount is supposed to be either N2500 or N10,000 but we just use these amount to show you how you can make payment. Choose any of your preferred payment method either Verve, Visa, Master Card, Pocket Moni or Voguepay Account.

Note: You must jot down the Transaction ID somewhere because you will need it to complete your payment.

 6.Enter your email Address where you want us to send your payment confirmation to after successful payment.

7. After entering your email address, click on Make Payment, You will be redirected to  where you are expected to enter your payment preference. 

8. Just enter your Card type from the list of drop down menu and enter the details of the Card. If you have an account with inter-switch, you can use it.

What you need to enter here are your Card 15 Digit number, Your card CCV number which are 3 digit number located at the extreme back of your  card, Your Card Pin(i.e your normal 4 digit pin you use to make payment on ATM). Note that you need to use your mouse and a desktop or Laptop computer for better payment experience because entering your Card Pin are only recognize by the use of Mouse.

After entering your Card Details as stated above scroll down and click on payYou will be prompted to enter a Safe Token which will be sent to the phone number that is associated with your bank account. These safe token last for 30 Minutes in which if you did not make use of it, you need to initiate/request for another one. If you did not get the Safe Token after 5 to 10 minutes, you can dial the Code display on the screen to get it, if your card is not yet enable to accept safe token, you will be email automated email by the system giving you instruction on how to enable safe token on your Card. If you have receive the Safe Token from your Phone just enter it on the space provided and click on continue. Below show when I have enter the Safe TokenOnce you click on Continue, it will take like let say 2 to 6 minutes for you to complete your payment. Please wait for the payment to complete, Once your payment is completed, you will be redirected back to our website where you will complete your registration process. If in any case you were not redirected back to our website, you can go to to complete your registration process. You will also receive an acknowledgment email notifying you about your payment as shown below. Your Bank will equally send you a debit alert notify you of your transaction.

With the above steps and explanation, you can now comfortably pay for your Naira Wealth Membership fee in any day of the week, in the weekend, in the Mid-Night, and anytime you fee like without going to the bank. Remember that paying through your credit card using our payment processor  is safe and secure and most importantly fast!.

Note: Your Account will be activated immediately you finish your payment and complete your online registration form.

Note also that after making your payment, the system will redirect you back to where you will complete your registration process. You must make sure to write down your Transaction ID because you need to state it on your registration form to enable us confirm your payment. If you are ready to pay for your Naira Wealth Membership License Fee using your ATM Card, click on the make payment button below to get started.

1.FOR BASIC MEMBERSHIP click on the banner below.

2.FOR PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP click on the banner below to make payment

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