Frequently Asked Questions about Naira Wealth Network

What do I need to have to start as a Member?
You need an e-mail address, a Valid phone No, a Bank Account and a way to have access to the Internet. You can use any Phone that can browse. You can also use a computer, laptop, tablet or you can do it from a cybercafe if you do not have a browsing phone or computer.
How Much of my time Will be required?
You can do it part time or full time. You can do it in your spare time. Maybe one or two hours in a day or less depending on your strategy and schedules.
Do I need a Bank Account?
To receive your payout Commission, you need to provide us with a valid Nigerian bank account even if it is not your own, you can use someone else’s bank account to receive your payments if you don’t have a bank account. But it must be from a Nigerian bank and domiciled in Nigeria Naira.
Do I need any Advance Computer skills or other Qualifications?
No, you do not need any Advance computer skills or any special qualification. It is easy to learn and Anybody can do it, No age Limit.
Who Owns the Company?
Naira Wealth Network is own and Powered by E-NETWORK BUSINESS SOLUTION a fully IT Registered Company with the Corporate Affair Commission with RC2449420 and our Various Company Partners.
How will I get paid?
All payments are processed automatically through Bank Transfer in any of your Preferred Nigeria Bank Account you fill on your registration form within 24 hours from the time your referrer register and activate his or her account. All payment commission is issued to All Member each day from when the commission was earned.
Where do the Commissions come from?
When a new Member joins, he pays a registration fee of either N2500 or N10, 000. Commissions are taken out of this registration fee and paid to the referring Member
If I join, How Soon Will I start making Money?
As a Naira Wealth registered Member, you will start making money as early as 1-2 day after you join (if you are serious). Your daily commissions will grow as you keep on registering more and more people through your unique invitation code and username. You can equally start to make money as soon as you have learn and implement all our training courses on various skill acquisition, you will be good enough to start your own online business in whatever area you must have master well, this may take you 1 to 6 month for you to learn. The instant cash you will make only comes from our referral program which pays you daily commission of ₦1500 or ₦5000 per person you invite to register for our program through your invitation code and username plus other incentive as stated on our homepage.
Can I do it from Outside Nigeria?
Yes you can but you must have a Nigerian bank account to receive payments and you can only promote your link to people living in Nigeria or who have Nigerien bank accounts there, this applies irrespective of whether you are a Nigerian citizen or not.
Can a Non-Nigerian Citizen Join?
Yes you can but you must have a Nigerian bank account to receive payments and you can only promote your link to people living in Nigeria or who have Nigeria bank accounts.
Is there any Risk Involved?
There is almost no risk involved because if you can bring in just 2 people then you will have made back the money that you paid to join plus an extra and even more benefit as stated above. There is really nothing to lose by registering and also we are registered company with the Government of Nigeria couple with the fact that you get certificate after completing any of our course lesson, this is our 3 years of existence as a platform, Google even recognize and rank us high on search engine as one of the best and legitimate membership and e-learning platform in Nigeria that pays daily. Also the online courses and e-training Classes are worth far more than what you pay for and you can benefit a lot by taking them.
Will I be asked to pay any more money after Registering?
You will not be asked to pay any more money except your one time Membership license fee of either ₦2500 or ₦10,000 depending on the choice you make. Other fee you may likely pay are fees as regard to you starting any online business course you preferred to venture into like let say you learn how to build a website from our e-training section, you need to have money at hand to host and register your website.
How much is the Registration Fee?
the registration fee is just for a Basic Member ₦2500 or ₦10,000 for a Premium Member


  • What is Naira Wealth E-Learning Platform ?

Naira Wealth E-Learning Platform is an online learning market place where student learn anything online and professionals sell their knowledge.

  • What does a typical Naira Wealth E-Learning Platform course look like?

A typical Naira Wealth E-Learning Platform course is an ebook, Class Series or a video tutorial SERIES.

  • How is a course delivered in Naira Wealth E-Learning Platform ?

We deliver ebook as soft copy to our students via download link. While a video tutorial is delivered online or as a physical product to our students address to avoid the stress of a poor internet connection that is for student who are close to our office, Class Series is done directly on site where our student just have to long in to their account to start lesson.

  • Is there any extra cost associated with delivering the home training version of a course?

There may be a fee charge for distant student! We understand that our students can’t get the best of our video courses without a quality internet connection. Hence to eliminate that we decided to include the option of sending hard copy on request to a preferred address which in-cure courier services delivery fee charge for distant student, these is only apply for video base course, but practically most of our e-learning course are text base course and PDF which you can read with your mobile cell phone or System.

Are there any costs associated with becoming an instructor on Naira Wealth E-Learning Platform?

To Become an instructor, you need to become either a Basic Naira Wealth Member or Premium member and it comes with a price tag of just N5000 which will enable us set up your Instructor account and also train you on how to deliver course to our student and you must be good in Web Technology plus we shall access your capability prior to accepting you as an instructor on our E-Learning Platform.

What is the Naira Wealth E-Learning Platform Instructor revenue share?

Our instructors are precious to us because we know that in reality knowledge is priceless. Hence we set up our revenue sharing formula to profit our instructors. Whenever a course is bought in Naira Wealth E-Learning Platform the instructor get 70% of the sale when a guest who is not a Naira Wealth Member bought the course or a Naira Wealth Basic Member bought a course which happen not to be included in his or her free course and if your course is included on our premium membership package like Naira Wealth Basic Membership or Premium Membership Package, you will get 5% Of the membership registration fee of in-coming members who join our platform these commission is withdraw when your balance reach minimum of N1000, you can view the stats of your earnings when you long into  your Instructor account. If your course is included on a free course category, you will not receive any revenue for that.

  • Who handles support?

Naira Wealth E-Learning Platform handles the customer care service. We maintain our website, process payment and ensure that both instructors and students are always satisfied.

  • How should I price my course?

On pricing, we advice your cost should commensurate the value of the course content. If you are selling a video training put the shipping cost into consideration if you are selling a lesson/text base course, make it unique, straight to the point and do not over-prize your cost, you can check out our http://nairawealth.net/elearning/courses/ to get an idea on how well to prize your course.

How long are students able to access a course after purchase?

Our students have access to all course materials indefinitely after payment. Once we confirm your payment for your course you sign up for or the membership you sign up for, our Sale Department will activate your Course/membership so that you can start almost immediately.

  • Are there any standards or requirements I should know about while creating my course?

Yes. Naira Wealth E-Learning Platform reviews all courses published on our platform to make sure they meet our standards for quality.

  • Who delivers the physical course to a student?

The Management of Naira Wealth E-Learning Platform handles delivery of the physical home training kit for distant client to ensure maximum satisfaction on the part of our students.

  • Is this E-Learning Platform different from Naira Wealth Membership Package of N2500?

Yes, this is actually an upgraded version of Naira Wealth Membership Download Package. We do advice all our old Student to come and register for our new E-Learning section to keep their Account Active. The only slight different between the old Naira Wealth Membership Download Package is that you pay N2500 to access some few courses over hear and to get your Invitation code for Referring someone to register under you. But here on Naira Wealth new E-Learning Platform, You only take course that interest you and you get certificate of completion of most of our course bearing your identity and dully sign by our Company making you get that your dream Job or contract because you have the evident that you learn the skill.

  • Can a Non-Member on Naira Wealth Membership Package Join this Platform?

Yes, you can join the platform and get your free primary basic course in one place, just choose Naira Wealth Membership Package under course Catalogue and the computer will automatically list the free course package for you which you can start studding immediately.

  • Do I need to pay for Naira Wealth Membership Package again?

No, you don’t need to pay for Naira Wealth Membership Package Course if you are already a member of Naira Wealth, Except if you are just registering for the first time or you Naira Wealth Basic Member and you want to upgrade to a Premium Member.

  • If I am registering for the first time how much do I need to pay?

If you are new to Naira Wealth and you want to join us, here is how you can join


You can pay N2500 to get access to Naira Wealth Basic Membership Package and to equally acquire your Invitation code to get Paid N1500 for introducing someone to register under you. Note that Naira Wealth Basic Membership Does not have access to all the course available at our E-Learning platform http://nairawealth.net/elearning  but you can decide to buy other course you fill like studying in the future.


You can pay N10,000 to get all our courses publish and the one to still be publish on our platform by signing up for our PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP PACKAGE which course one time membership of N10,000.

You will equally get paid N2000 for registering a new Naira Wealth Basic Member, You will be paid N5000 for Registering a PREMIUM MEMBER, you will get one Free e-commerce store under Naira Wealth where you can promote  your Invitation Code, Sale Data Plan of All GSM Network, Sale E-Course  or Sell other of your products and Service. View the type of store will build for you by visiting http://nairawealth.net/shop/


You can decides not to register with any of the above two option and just pay per course that interest you to learn. Just browse through our Course catalogue, look for a course you like to buy and order for it, make payment for the course you order for and start studying immediately. http://nairawealth.net/elearning. This type of student don’t receive any incentive or commission for introducing someone under our platform but they do receive 24/7 full support and get certification after the completion of any training course they bought from us.


We have added some few E-Course guide and Training for both our Members and Non-Members to choose from. You can stick with our Free Membership a Package and may be latter proceed to buy a paid one by using any of the above stated options.

  • How do I register?

For Both  Naira Wealth Basic and Premium Membership Package, you are expected to register first on our main Site www.nairawealth.net/register to get your account set up and to also get your invitation code after that you now open an e-learning Platform account at http://nairawealth.net/elearning which will enable you to access the course you sign up for.

If you decide to just register to buy a single course from us, you need to proceed to our E-learning Platform http://nairawealth.net/elearning to sign up for any of your preferred course.

If you choose to register for Free Membership Package, you can do that by Signing up for our E-Learning Platform @ http://nairawealth.net/elearning

  • Will I be given best support?

We offer all our Members Paid, Guest and Free Members 24/7 Quality Support

  • Can I upgrade from one membership level to another

Yes, you can upgrade your Membership, Let say you register for Naira Wealth Basic Membership Package with N2500 and you decides to upgrade to Naira Wealth PREMIUM PACKAGE all you need to do is to pay N10, 000 for your upgrade. Or you are a free member or guest and you decides to join Naira Wealth fully by become a paid member, all you need to do is to choose to pay either N2500 or N10, 000 respectively for your upgrade.

Does Premium Members Earn Stage Commission like Naira Wealth Basic Package?

No, PREMIUM MEMBERS does not Earn Stage Commission. PREMIUM members Earn Commission through referring someone to register. If you are PREMIUM Member and you refer another PREMIUM MEMBER who register and activate his or her account, you get paid N5000 cash for that and if you refer Naira Wealth Basic Member, you get paid N2000 for that plus you get yourself a premium shopping store section on Naira Wealth where you can Market your Invitation Code, Sell Data of All GSM Network, Sell other of your products and services you offer and make reasonable profits. Remember that we Design, host, process payment on your e-commerce store for you for free without you spending a dim for web hosting, Web Development. We will even integrate an e-payment processing gateway to enable your client pay you directly through their ATM Card and all you do is to collect your profits each time you make any sell.

  • I am still not too clear?

If you did not understand any of the above explanation, please due call us on 08136367446.

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