How It Works

Naira Wealth is tested and proven Nigerian Empowerment Program that harnesses the power of the internet and online Business Opportunities to reward all her Members with Cash Prize and Incentives. All it takes you to get started and earn steady income for life is for you to purchase your unique Invitation Code with just ₦2,500. As a registered member, you only need to refer 1 person to get paid straight into your Nigerian Bank Account. Your earnings and the amount you make depends on how well you promote your Invitation Code and username by inviting your friends to register. You get other Membership Training's that will help you to start your own Online Business in Nigeria

How To Register

To Register as Member of Naira Wealth is very simple and straight forward. All that is required of you is to Purchase your membership license/Invitation Code with just ₦2,500. As a new Member, you need to have an invitation code and a username to be able to register.
Step to register:
1.Register for free Account
2.Pay ₦2,500 for your Membership License fee
3.Get your account activated
4. Make Money Daily. The amount you make is unlimited and you get paid daily straight into your Nigerian Bank Account

Membership Benefits
1.You Get Paid ₦1,500 per person you bring to register for our program .
2.You Get Paid ₦5,000 Extra Bonus Pack each time you register up to 30 people plus other stage benefits.
3. You get premium Access to Download all our Quality Money Making Materials worth ₦100,000 for absolutely free of Charge.
4. You Get Paid Random Referral Bonus base on your performance level.
5. We pay you every Day direct into your Nigerian Bank Account.

Take advantage of your Facebook, Twitter, BBM, WhatsApp, phone contacts, and stop wasting your precious time online, and hard earned money buying internet bundles.

Naira Wealth is tested and proven Nigerian No.1 Business Empowerment and Network Program that harnesses the power of online Investment opportunities to reward all her members. Naira Wealth is Nigerian N0.1 Make Money Online Business and Wealth Creation Membership Program – Get Paid Directly into your Nigerian Bank Account. Let ₦2,500 start earning you a steady income for life. Note that Naira Wealth is not one of those Multilevel Marketing Companies that will usually require you to refer 1 - 20 people before earning any commission from them or the one that run on a Metric/up-line/Down-line. We pay you for every single person you introduce to register for our program. Your ₦1500 Commission are paid instantly into your Nigerian Bank Account and you can withdraw your commissions direct from your Nigerian bank account in real time. Become a Premium License member of Naira Wealth now and start making up to ₦1,25000 on a monthly basis and Make up to ₦750000 in less than 6 Month . All that is requires of you is to buy your Naira Wealth Invitationcode by registering as a member with just ₦2,500. As a member of Naira Wealth, you only need to refer minimum of one person to get paid ₦1500 every day straight into your Nigerian Bank Account.Take note that you can refer or register more than 1 person per day or per week and you will be paid₦1500 per single person you introduce into our program. Payment is made immediately we confirmed your referrer registration and account activation which does not take up to 1 to 4 hours.

To get registered as a member click HEREAlready a Member, LOGIN HERE

Let ₦2,500 Start Earning You A Steady Income For Life.

No Hype, No Lies, No Paying Heavy Fee, No Buying of Manuals, No more going to Fake Seminars that promise you over night riches. We are Committed to showing you exactly how you too can quickly start your very own online business in a never failing and easy way.With our program, you can start making money the same day you register by taking advantage of our powerful referral program. We have never fail in paying all our Members their Daily commission. Naira Wealth started in 2014, we have registered and trained up to 700+ Nigerians who are now benefiting from these platform daily and we are still waxing strong. Each day we keep researching, finding and creating a suitable means through which all our members can earn great through our program.


The first step you will need to take is to Buy Naira Wealth Membership License/Invitation Code with ₦2500 and start referring people with your InvitationCode and username even if it is the same day you register. We have Manually Generated a unique Invitationcode that each user/Member on our Platform is being assigned to, making sure you have total control of you promoting your invitationcode/username.This is what you get as people register through you.
Refer 1 person that register with ₦2500 just as you did you get paid ₦1500 the same day, Refer 2 Get paid ₦3000, Refer 5 people get paid ₦7500, Refer 10 people get paid ₦15000, Refer 20 people get paid ₦30000, Refer 30 People Get paid ₦45000 plus extra Bonus referral commission of ₦5000 total of ₦50000, refer 50 people get paid ₦75000, Get full fledged website for promoting your Invitationcode/username, Refer 200 people get paid ₦300,000 plus a Brand New Smart Phone, refer 500 people get paid ₦750,000 Plus a Brand New Laptop, Brand New Modem with 5 Month internet Subscription plan, you will automatically qualify to become Naira Wealth and Associate Company Partner. At these point and stage, you will be getting paid ₦2000 per person you bring to join the platform through you and we will empower you with your own full design membership website own by you for life. Remember that we count your referral from the very first person you refer to any of the above levels and incentive stage. What we mean in essence is that if you become a member of Naira Wealth, all you need to do to claim all the above benefits and incentive is for you to refer just 500 people to register through you. After getting the above rewards from us, you can continue with us or focus on the second full fledged membership site we will build for you.
Total Money you will make =₦750,000


You get these when you register 30 people

You get these when you register 50 people

You get these when you register 500 people

You start earning ₦2000 per referral when you must have registered 500 people.
Remember that we pay you COMMISSION OF ₦1500 for each single person you register into our program the same day the person register within 1 to 24 hour and we give you all the above Incentives as you pass each stage.
You may be asking yourself is these for real, the answer is yes, we are here to change your financial life for good through our program. what will be use of you learning how to start internet business from our training guide without empowering you financially? We specifically created these referral program to enable you raise your startup capital quickly. Some of our members who have found out how profitable and easy to make money through our referral program have chosen to be introducing people to register through them. Remember that the only work you are expected to do to achieve all the above financial breakthrough/success is to talk and explain to people about our program and the benefits they stand to gain for being a member and you keep making money as people keep taking action by joining Naira Waelth program through you. We have made our registration to be allowed by Invitation only giving you total control over our platform.
Below are the proven formula you can easily use to bring People to join Naira Wealth Program
1.Hand Over your Invitation Code plus your Username to the person you want to refer to our program and encourage him or her to register through you by entering the Invitation Code and username on their registration page. Follow the person up by calling the person to know if he or she have successfully registered
2.Download, Print and Photocopy our Membership registration form through your Membership Account section and give it out to people to fill, collect the form back from them with their registration fee of ₦2500, make payment on the bank on behalf of the person using our Company Designated Bank Account and come back to register them on our platform.
3.Copy and Paste your Invitation Code and Username/Banner on your facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp account wall by using our Affiliate Section and watch your money increase
4.Use Bulk SMS. Each Naira Wealth Members are qualify to register on our Bulk SMS Platform @ where they can buy and send SMS unit at N1.8 per unit. You can use your bulk SMS account to send SMS to your love once or for promoting your InvitationCode and Username. Once you get registered on our Bulk SMS Platform, all you need to do is to login to our Bulk SMS Platform at Bulk sms Koboand use our Bulk SMS platform to send message to the contact on your mobile phone about Naira Wealth Program, make sure you include your Username and Invitation Code in the Message body.We have created a Sample Messages you can use. You will see it when you Login into your Membership Account
The above 4 strategy have being proven more effective way to get more people to join Naira Wealth platform base on our members testimony. Other steps you can take include organizing seminar or printing flex or banner bearing our platform and attaching your invitation code and username on it. Organizing Seminar or training workshop is a good way in which you can register more people within a short period of time. Member who wish to organize such seminar can get in touch with us for more details on how to go about that. We can even send some of our Team to come on the seminar Day thereby increasing your referral commission. Please due contact us prior to preparing any Seminar that you want to invite us to speak.

Below are the List of Available free Premium Training, Benefits and Money making materials available for you when you register
1.You Get Paid ₦1500 per person you bring to register for our program
2. You Get Paid ₦5,000 Extra Bonus Pack each time you register up to 30 people plus other incentives/Stages as Explain above.
3.Introduction To Online Business in Nigeria.
(These guide gives you the foundation, help and make you understand internet business proper)
4.Recharge Card Printing/Production Manual
(These guide will give all the information and help that will teach you how to start Recharge card printing and production business in Nigeria)
5.WordPress Google Adsense Development Kit
(These training guide will help you to build any kind of website and make full time income building website for people.You will equally learn how to partner with Google and make hundred to thousand of $ through Google Adsense Program)
6.Mastering Ebook Design
(These training guide will help you to lunch your first information marketing products within some few hours)
7.Master in Online Business Importation Guide
(these training/guide will help you to start your own very importation business in Nigeria in a Ground style, you will learn how to import goods at a very cheap price and resell it here in Nigeria at a higher cost)
8.How to Build and Start Affiliate Niche Store
(These is our new training material that works you step by step guide on how to partner with Top e-commerce store in Nigeria and make huge side income by creating a Niche Affiliate store base website)
9.Mobile Cash Code Business
(These is our New training that will help you to start Digital Subscription and Recharge Card printing business in Nigeria using nothing by your Mobile phone as your trading tools)
10.Video Training Guides
We have created and uploaded series of video work through training practical guide on how to create different kind of internet base business which you can download or watch live from our website. These video guide alone worth some $$$ but you will watch/download it free of charge without paying a Dim.
11. Buy Cheap Data Plan. We have created a Data shop where each Naira Wealth Members can purchase cheap Data Plan, Pay Bills at a cheaper Rate.

We keep adding new training class and more training materials every month and we keep updating the ones we have added to make sure you stay ahead of others on your choosing area of specialization.
You can get more details about the above guides and training by clicking HERE.
Additionally, you can create a Bulk SMS Account for yourself immediately when you register @ where you can buy and Send SMS at N1.8 per unit to advertise your Invitation Code and Username or for other business campaign.
Take note that We are not the type of online business program here in Nigeria that promise what we cannot offer. All the materials and training we offer to our registered members are refined tested and proven online money making business training materials which we have use in building multiple source of income on the internet. If you check out our Blog and Tutorial section, you will discover that we are hear to show you exactly what the guru have hidden away from you for a very long time. Our Program enable you to start making money immediately in any part you are in Nigeria. You can start making money from day one of your registration through our powerful referrer program. No geographical restriction, No higher Qualification is required, No computer or internet experience require, you can do these business either on a part time or full time base. You can can communicate to us daily through phone calls, email and forum. The sooner you apply for Naira Wealth Membership License Program, the more money you stand to make. This is a proven and tested Nigerian make money online business program that can make any willing Nigerian become rich beyond your widest imagination and the requirement to get started is not much compare to the huge benefits you will get. A lot of Nigerians find it very difficult to Make Money through the Internet right here in Nigeria as a result of various Limitations impose by foreign programs. Naira Wealth is here to take away all those Limitations and to help each of our registered members to start making money online on a Daily, Weekly and Monthly basis straight into their Nigerian Bank Account. You don't need to keep applying for Job every day or going from one company to another in search of a Job while you can do thing different
Click here to View Naira Wealth Earning Chart For Refereeing someone To Register
Naira Wealth Membership Program is specifically meant for the following group of people:
1.Secondary School Leavers in Nigeria
2. Undergraduate in Nigeria
3. Graduate in Nigeria
4. Unemployed Youth in Nigeria
5. Job Seekers in Nigeria
6. Working Class in Nigeria who are Under Paid
7. Working Class who wish to Earn Extra Money.

If you fall into any of the above category of people in Nigeria, then Naira Wealth Program is right for you.
You can do this business on a part time base that is If you are currently engage in any particular work. Naira Wealth Program have the power to give you enough money that any paid employment in Nigeria cannot offer you and above all, you choose when to work and not being force to work. You determine how much you will make per Day, per Week, per Month.

For you to participate for Naira Wealth program, you just need to have these basic requirement:
(1). Ability to Browse the Internet
(2). Basic knowledge of English Language
(3). Strong Zeal for Success
(4). 1 to 2 hour of your time each day
To get register as a member click HEREAlready a Member, LOGIN HERE
1. Every Naira Wealth Member will definitely become rich within their few week of their registration.
2.Every license Naira Wealth Member will be coach step by step on how to start making money in Nigeria through legitimate online and offline business training that guarantee instant cash
3. Every difficult Job on how you can start making money as a member have being taken care of by our Team.
4. You determine when you will work and you get paid weekly unlike other form of Corporate Job you do where you only get paid once in a month.


After registering and paying for your membership License Fee, our respond team shall go through your application form. If everything is okay, you will receive a call from us within 1 to 24 hour. You should also note here that if you are registering during the weekend that is on Saturday and Sunday. It will takes us maximum of 48 hour to process your registration.


1.Your Membership Access Code
2.Your Invitation Code,
3.Your eclass Access Code.
4.Your Username and Password

This are the the most important thing you must keep save.
To Register as a member click HERE
A Lot of people will say………..
“If your company claim to make so much money, why should your company be interested in ₦2500 Registration Fee, why not make the membership registration to be free of charge, Here are our reasons for asking you to pay this token, for our membership
Reason #1
It’s a known fact that people DO NOT PLACE MUCH VALUE on the information they get free. Only unserious people look for freebies. Serious people look for Quality information or education and buy it at all cost.
Reason #2
A serious person who is willing to learn is NOT afraid of commitment or taking some risk to change his life. By we asking you to pay a token, We are asking you to make a small financial commitment that will hold you accountable for your success.
Reasons #3
Education is PRICELESS. Anyone who values education and transformation would be willing to pay for that education to be informed and be ahead of the masses. If you’re not willing to pay for education, you will be left behind in ignorance.
We paid a hefty price to be where we are today. Every year, We spend about 500k to buy marketing materials from mentors to upgrade our knowledge of our staff base, this alone make us to make more money and to stay ahead in the market having invested heavily to educate our team.
Reason #4
There’s a high rate of massive unemployment in Nigeria, by we asking very little in terms of financial commitment, we put it in the power of even the most financially challenged person who is willing to change their life to afford our membership fee.
Most importantly, we are doing a life saving services to humanity by helping in our own little way, with eradication of poverty and reduced that rate of crime and fraud courtesy of this financial empowerment membership program we are running.
Reason 5#
It’s bad/greed to have knowledge that will benefit others, and still keep it to yourself so that you can only enrich yourself. Fulfillment comes from giving even if it’s for a fee.
Reason 6#
If you are so skeptical about why we are charging for our membership Registration, then you should ask yourself
>Why is Dangote charging you for his Cement despite being the first richest African Man?
>Why is MTN or other telecommunication network Charge you a fee each time you make call from your phone?
>Why do you pay for the product you buy in the Market?
>Why do you pay Government School Fee?
If you can be paying for the above mention services on a daily basis, then we don’t see the reasons why you will be asking us the question in the very first place why we are asking you to pay for your membership registration fee.

| Members Count:| Registered Member:901|Last Payout Commission:₦85,000

Some of our recently registered members across Nigeria

NAME----------------------------- STATE OF ORIGIN
1.Paschal Okeke...........................Anambra State
2.IRENE OWIE..............................LAGOS State
3.Isirima Joseph...........................River State
4.ADEDEJI ADENIYI..........................LAGOS State
5.ODEYEMI BLESSING.......................KWARA State
6.Emmy Ifeco......................................Ebonyi State
7. MOHAMMED ABDULLAHI................Borno
8.Fadeyi Olorunnishola Pete...........LAGOS State
9.Francis Mgbada .........................Ebonyi State
10.Ebere Ani.........................Enugu State
11.James Ngwu.........................Imo State
12.Mathew Aja...........................Kogi State
13.John Mmadu...........................Enugu State
14. Peter Ayuba.............................Adamawa State
15. Elly Frank............................. Ebonyi State
16.Chigogaddy.......................... Abia State
17.Steven.......................... Abuja
18.Emmanuel.......................... Abia State
19.Priscy.......................... Abia State
20.CoolBoy......................... Enugu State
21.Maggybest........................ PH
22Dream......................... Abia State
24.makeextracash........................ Lagos State
25.Makemoneonline........................ Lagos State
26.Toomuchmoney........................ Lagos State
27.Jerry....................... Kanu State
28.Cologne....................... Lagos State
29.Tayoft....................... Lagos State
30.Treasure....................... Rivers State
32.Ginika....................... Enugu State
33.Bene5050....................... F.C.T Abuja
34.Obasid1....................... Abia State
35.Angel106....................... Imo State
36.Paulyomi...................... osun State



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Enugu Contact Centre:104 Agbani Road, Enugu Scan Centre First Floor, Enugu State, Nigeria.


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The first step you should take is to obtain your Naira Wealth Membership License/Invitation Code with just ₦2500. You can do these by filling our membership registration form which normally takes only 3 to 5 minutes. After submitting your form head straight to the bank or use online payment process and pay for your Membership License/Invitation Code fee of ₦2500.
After Your Registration, you will be given a unique invitation Code and a username that you can use to invite your friends and love one to register through you. You will equally be shown other tips and ways plus proven marketing strategy you can easily use to promote your invitation code and username to earn great within a short time.
Use your Unique Invitation Code and username to invite as many people as possible to register through you and you will be paid ₦1,500 for each person that register through you. All you need to earn ₦750,000 in less than 6 Month is for you to introduce just 500 people to register through you. To register as a member click Here.
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